Saturday, December 7, 2019

little white lies I tell myself

There was a hole in the sky over the Pasquotank River yesterday.  Or at least a hole in a cloud in the sky.  It may have possibly been a fallstreak hole , I am not sure.  The rays coming from the sun behind the cloud are an artifact of the iPhone lens.  I do not understand the dark area directly beneath the cloud.  It was an interesting sight on a beautiful day.

A hard frost covered the ground when I left home with SPARTINA in tow, temperature up to 40 degrees by the time I drove to Elizabeth City and rigged at the ramp.  A mirror-like river gave way to cat's paws as the willed filled in right on time.  I would have been happy sailing at 3 kts all day but by noon there were gusts into the high teens which carried us along at 5 kts or so.  No complaints.

I did not wear the mango-colored drysuit.  The river temperature was 53 degrees, just above the 50 degree threshold I have set for my sailing with a drysuit.  I do know inherently that the results would have been the same at either 53 or 50 degrees had I capsized or fallen in the water.  That the additional three degrees would have made a difference is just another of those little white lies I tell myself.  I'll begin wearing the drysuit next week.  

Sidney's, my favorite Betsy Town lunch spot is gone.  I will miss it.  In the same spot on Main Street just a couple blocks off the water is now a pizza company.  Excellent thin crust artisan (maybe better spelled arti$an) pizzas by the slice.  Very good, but I still miss Sidney's. 

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