Sunday, January 13, 2019

open boat cruising, Tuscan style (with subtitles)

We have a bit of a nor'easter here, cold, wet and windy (but no snow!).  No sailing this weekend so time to catch up on a few things.  I have been meaning to write for some time now about Enrico and his wonderful open boat sailing on MIRA, a Goat Island Skiff.  His blog is called La Polisportiva Franconi.  I do not speak Italian but Polisportiva is self-explanatory, particularly when seeing the entries about sailing, cross-country skiing, downhill skiing, running, biking, rock climbing and mountain climbing.  I think there is some horse riding in there too.

It is the sailing of course that interests me and Enrico has done some excellent cruising on MIRA.  He has produced a series of videos using GoPro cameras and adding a running commentary in Italian but with English subtitles.  It is my kind of sailing, simple and fun. 

Here are links to two cruises:

Lago di Como, three days on a lake where his wife joins him for the final day.
Sailing the Mediterranean along the northwest coast of Italy including, I think, Cinque Terre, an area I hope to visit someday.

MIRA, when I first came across Enrico's page, looked familiar.  Checking Lorenzo's blog I saw the the Goat Island Skiff was part of the Miravar fleet.  At this anchorage from the raid I think that is Lorenzo's Pathfinder ASTRID off to the left and the blue hull of MIRA in back. (I just can't imagine sailing into a beautiful Mediterranean anchorage like that!)

So, a cold winter day here but photographs and videos from open boat sailing in Italy have warmed my day.  Thanks, Enrico.


Enrico said...

Wow Steve, that is a real surprise to me! I'm proud to see Mira's adventures published on your blog, which is always a reference to me: Spartina adventures, your nice photos and your tales are really inspiring me to plan new routes with my MIRA (and maybe start a new building..)
Whishing to meet you and sail together.. yes, never say never! Fair winds, my friend.

Steve said...

As you say, Enrico, never say never. Maybe someday through our mutual friend Lorenzo we'll meet. steve

Kevin Brennan said...

Cool new sailing videos to carry me through the cold winter hours. Thanks Steve