Saturday, January 26, 2019

Webb's plan

From Webb's journal.  I've added his current yellow brick track.  Leaving out of Hilton Head he was 25,000 miles in to the circumnavigation.

      My route will be from Hilton Head Island outside the Bahamas through the Windward Passage at the east end of Cuba and then to Panama.  Trade winds from the Windward Passage on.

        I find it satisfying that the completion of this voyage can be seen in this GRIB (at top of the post, the GRIB being now over two weeks old).  I am increasingly inclined to sail from Panama directly to San Diego.  The final stretch hard on the wind should be less than a thousand miles.  It may not all be strong wind.  I will try to find an angle against it that is not too hard on a little boat and an old sailor.  And there is the possibility in winter of a low that will bring south wind.

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