Tuesday, February 23, 2010

the piano has been drinking

So I'm out in my garage today working on the boat. Sanding, painting, mounting a spacer for the cheek block, drilling out of couple of holes for oak dowels. And my mind wanders. I start looking at my tools. They are old and worn out, coated in saw dust, smeared with hardened epoxy. And then I noticed.....

The hammer has gotten hammered
my saw, she lost her front teeth in a fight
all of the pliers have lost their grip
and the clamps are wound way too tight

The level is not on the level
the right angle says everyone is wrong
the countersink is against everything
and the speed drill takes too long

The flashlight admits he's not too bright
while the magnet clings to everything
the yardstick doesn't measure up
and the plane, she can't find her wings

So the brushes bristle in anger
as the jig saw refuses to dance
yet the old random orbit sander
swears he will always take a chance.

Maybe I need better ventilation in the garage.



EyeInHand said...

In the Facebook vernacular, "I 'like' this."

Steve said...

good to hear from you. Will you be down this way this year?

Bruce said...
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EyeInHand said...


If by "down this way" you mean Tidewater - absolutely, and soon.

If you mean the particular state of mind you were in when you wrote this - quite possibly; make that most likely. In fact, I'm feeling a little lightheaded already.

Does delirium indicate the presence of a Muse?

- Barry

Anonymous said...

great fun! I love the photos on your blog, too.