Thursday, February 11, 2010


I finally got the usb to serial port adapter so I could connect my Etrex Legend gps to my new (really my daughter's old) laptop. The tech's at Garmin were very helpful in getting me the upgrades to the Mapsource software to make it all work. Once it was all connected I started roughing out waypoints for the trip.
These are approximate waypoints, later I'll go back and with Google Earth make them more precise. But I just wanted to look at the number of places I would like to mark. Once they are fine-tuned I'll export them to both my old gps and Bruce's newer, much better model.
Below is a screen shot of the Mapsource program and some of the waypoints on the Neuse River and south of Cedar Island. (I'm really looking forward to transiting the canals between the Neuse River/Turnagain Bay and Core Sound.)

We use both gps's on our trips. There they are set out on the Chesapeake Bay map book during the cruise last fall. We use my older gps as a compass while Bruce's had imported charts with depth contours and navigation marks.

When I booted up the Etrex it showed the waypoints from the Chesapeake Bay trip and also the trip computer totals for that adventure. The fall trip was just five months ago, but it seems like it was years ago. Four months until the next trip (and sure, I could have waited weeks and weeks before I really needed to mark my waypoints but it seemed like a fun thing to do on a cold winter night).


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