Friday, February 26, 2010


I was remiss yesterday in my post about trip planning. I forgot to mention that a crucial part of it all is running it by my sailing partner Bruce and getting his input. He has had a lot of great input over the years. He'll talk mostly about menus, but he has also changed the way I think about gear, the mental aspect of going on a trip and he has also suggested some changes in our routes.
Since I live on the east coast I'm more familiar with the territory and I'll research a trip and then pass on a suggested plan to Bruce. He'll look it over and give me his reaction. Then we finalize it together via phone, email or skype.

This photo was just before we cast off on the 07 Cedar Island trip, leaving out of Harker's Island Fishing Center. It has rained heavily the day before as we drove down. It rained all that morning. As we put the boat in the water thunderstorms were rumbling off to the east. A local sailor came by and said "You're not going out in that, are you?". Bruce looked at him, smiled and said "Why do you think I'm wearing red pants?"

We had a great trip.


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