Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Sunday

It was a Super Sunday yesterday. Enjoyed the win by the Saints and also got some work done. I hit some of my favorite expedition suppliers (Walmart and the local grocery store) to pick up some canned/boxed food for the spring trip(s). Walmart had the tuna salad lunch packs - can of tuna salad, crackers and a little spoon - for about 35% less than the grocery store. Add a cup of fruit to that and the tuna salad pack and it is a great lunch. Cheap, simple and good, these are pretty much the standard lunches on our cruises.
Also got some Simply Asia meals which include noodles, sauce and something to sprinkle on the meal (sesame seeds, peanuts, etc). Add meat - fish, canned meat or the defrosted pork/steak/chicken and you've got a great, very filling and very good tasting dinner in about 15 minutes.
With the superbowl the mixed nuts were half off, bought a couple of cans that I'll add to dried fruits for a nice trail mix (I think it is cheaper to make my own, plus I put exactly what I want in there).

Also did some work on the cheek block spacer that I'll add to the cb trunk, made some new reefing lines and cut some line for sail ties to replace a few that are starting to fray.
We've got another storm on the way, should be here Wednesday (that is the forecast map below). This seems to be the stormiest late fall/winter I can remember in the 20 years I've been here. It all seemed to start with the Friday the 13th nor'easter in November. Every week or two we get another storm. We had the wind, snow and rain this past weekend, plus the record setting snow the weekend before. Hope it ends soon.

I've got to end this post with this photo that I stole (hope that is ok) from SandyBottom's blog, she was out training in the cold weather over the weekend. I really like the light, the muted colors and the graphic composition. I spent a long time looking at it when I first saw it yesterday. A nice reminder that you can see and experience some really beautiful scenes when you get out on the water. Thanks for the great image Dawn.


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