Tuesday, April 25, 2017

maybe stronger fishing line, less swimming // corrected

Friend JimB from the Outer Banks tells me I have misidentified one of the sharks in the post.  In fact there is one Great White, George, 9' 10" long, weighing in at 702 pounds, in Pamlico Sound.  He was last noted about halfway between Bluff Point and the southern end of Hatteras Island (the orange mark).  The second tracked shark is Lexi, a female Tiger Shark (the blue dot), just under 9' long and coming in at a svelte 263 pounds.  Lexi was last seen just inside of Frisco towards the southern end of Hatteras.  Thanks for the correction, Jim.


OCEARCH reports one Great White, marked by the orange dot,
and one Tiger Shark, marked by the blue dot, are in
Pamlico Sound.I'll keep that in mind on the spring sail.

Did I just hear somebody say
"You're gonna need a bigger boat"?


JimB said...

The blue dot behind Frisco is a Tiger, but there is another White just off the beach at Salvo. The Tracker switches sharks on me when I select "Shark Profile" if I am zoomed out to far and when I clicked on the Frisco sharks gave me a White in the ocean instead. Zooming in fixed it.

Steve said...

Thanks, Jim. I've corrected the post. steve