Friday, April 7, 2017

the plan

Not a major overhaul, but after a decade or so of sailing Spartina can use some touching up....

Next week:  Buy supplies - brushes, rollers, lots of sandpaper, plastic drop cloth to keep the mess out of the inside of the cockpit, breathing mask and goggles.

A week from Monday (full day of work)

  • Sand bright work, i.e. masts, tiller, cb trunk cap, coaming, rub rails
  • Trim and shape aft end of mizzen boom (it has always been an inch or two too long)
  • Remove registration numbers
  • Remove trailer guides
  • Sand sheer plank
  • Epoxy patching where needed on bright work and sheer plank
  • Another coat of primer on patched area at the bottom of the stem

Tuesday through Saturday (half days)

  • Sand and coat of varnish twice each day (at least seven coats)
  • Sand and primer coat on sheer plank
  • Touch up hull where needed with Interlux Sea Green topside paint

Late in the week

  • Paint topsides and sheer plank
  • Sand and touch up hull where needed
End of week
  • Apply new registration numbers
  • Re-install trailer guides
  • Go sailing

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