Tuesday, April 25, 2017

still at work

I smiled when I saw that old plane, one that had in the family for three generations, at Tidewater Wooden Boat Workshop yesterday afternoon.  Dad and I had used it to plane down the masts and spars for Spartina about a decade ago.  Having retired from my boatbuilding career I had donated the plane to TWBW, a non-profit group that teaches STEM skills to inner city kids through boatbuilding. 

 On a visit yesterday I had expected to see it on shelves high up on the wall where they keep some tools that are a hundred years or more old, sort of a collection of classics.  Instead the plane was where it belonged, on a workbench with fresh curled ribbons of Atlantic white cedar.  Nice.

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my2fish said...

I just restored a Number 5 plane. Amazing how well they do their job with a nice sharp blade!