Thursday, July 6, 2017

day eight - back to where I belong

Another peaceful night.  Another morning with clear skies and a pleasant southwest wind.  I tuck away the sleeping gear under the foredeck, put the cook kit back in place on the starboard side, put on a clean shirt and seal up the waterproof duffle where I stow my clothes and shave kit.  

Main up at 6:15, the anchor raise and then the jib.  The silhouettes of three ibises past to the east.

Out of Ditch Creek on Jones Bay we make four knots and better.  I take one extra unneeded tack on the water just to enjoy, then follow the gps track to find my way to the little ditch that runs through the trees.  Tide is out so I raise the rudder and centerboard, winding my way through the trees leaning over the ditch.  And then I see the light blue boat house up ahead.  

I motor up alongside the boat house at the little boat yard in a little village on a small island that I had never even heard of until a few years ago.  I look around to see that no one is there.  I think about all the people who had brought me there, making me feel as if I was part of this place.  From Shawn, who owned the yard until a few weeks earlier, to Paul and Dawn who had introduced me to Shawn.  And of course the guy named John who lives on the other side of the world who designed a boat that takes me to where my dreams lead.  Maybe I do belong here.  

I tie up Spartina and get read to haul her out. 


Amos said...

I always enjoy reading your trip reports and your pictures are top notch. I'm hoping to do some similar trips on a Core Sound 20 when I finish building her.

Steve said...

The Core Sound boats are perfect for camper cruising. Good luck and enjoy! steve