Tuesday, July 2, 2019

GoPro Hero 7 Black test

Out yesterday evening for a fine sail.  
Did a test with the new camera.
Not too bad.

PS - Just watched the blog version of the video.
I don't understand how blogger posts videos but
what you see here doesn't compare to the original 
video.  Believe me, the 7 has the sharpest,
brightest video I have seen.  I felt like
I could reach out and touch the water.


Rik_Studio said...

Wow, that is a very sharp picture... Nice!

steve said...

That was one of the reasons why I do all my videos on YouTube and then put in links to them in my blog - i felt blogger didn't do justice to the image quality of the hero 5. It was also about not having all my eggs in one basket as well. I am always worried that because I use a free blog platform - google might suddenly withdraw it and I would lose everything. I save a file copy of each web page but even so........my welsh paranoia kicking in again - :)

steve said...

by the way - lovely crisp video image - that GoPro 7 takes some really nice footage :)

Rik_Studio said...

Youtube is owned by Google also... Once online, it will take a lot to delete content, if at all possible.
I am still using the fuji coolpix. It still surprises me with the quality of video it makes.

Gadgets Techpedia said...

Thanks for sharing it.
Go Pro Hero 7