Sunday, July 14, 2019

light and variable, updated with a sail, ensorcelled

Tiny hints of wind, nothing more. I'll take a walk on the waterfront and hope for a breeze.


As if it had been scheduled, a breeze arrived at exactly 9 a.m., just as I was finishing reading the news and enjoying a glass of iced tea.  It was a light wind, but steady.  Maybe 5 or 6 mph, sometimes a little better, something a little lighter.  I spent a couple of hours tacking back and forth. 

My hope for being able to send a track from my Garmin GPS to my phone, using the app Garmin Connect, ended with disappointment.  I can easily connect the two devices but sending a track, which I thought would have been an obvious capability, does not seem to be part of the program.  I think the bluetooth capability is more aimed towards health/exercise, i.e. there is the option to input my height/weight/heart rate.  Go figure.

The track above is from today and yesterday.  I sometimes wonder/worry about my ability to find joy in simply sailing back and forth, upwind, downwind.  Simple things for the simple minded.  I hope to add to the track tomorrow evening.


When reading the NYTimes before the sail, I came across the word "ensorcelled" in an opinion column.  I think I am fairly well read.  "Enscorcelled" is an interesting word, but hardly part of common English.  Let's just say I am not ensorcelled by the word choice.  Then again, simple things for the simple minded.

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Clark said...

Beautiful photo.