Saturday, November 13, 2021

days four and five - a moveable feast

Two days in St. Michaels is a blur.  A peaceful 
sunrise before the flotilla of small boats begin to arrive.

Boats, big and small, old and new, everywhere.

Time to walk around the museum, walk around the town.
Read, relax, catch up on the logbook.

For food, a moveable feast.
Breakfast at the Blue Crab.
Lunch at Foxy's and dinner at
at the Crab and Steakhouse, then
vice versa the next day.
Iced tea with friends at the Crab Claw.
And a mango ice cream from
Justine's to round out the day.

Old friends and new friends,
helping launch a few boats and enjoying
seeing how other folks rig their boats.

Fresh shucked oysters washed down with cold beer.

And when the winds swing out of the east and
the cove is rough, a night of stealth camping
out of the wind on a waterfront porch.

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