Thursday, November 4, 2021

the fall fest 544

Here's the track from the fall sail.  With bookends of the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival at the beginning and the Sultana Downrigging Festival at the end I'm calling it the fall fest 544.  That's 544 miles/473 nautical miles.  It was just a great sail.  Had a little bit of everything.  Perfect weather, stormy weather, no wind, gusts to gale force, fog, rain and bright sunny days.  Saw some old friends and met some new friends too.  I hope to start the daily logs in a few days.

And to correct a rumor that I have been told is floating around on the internet, I did not sail through the middle of a regatta.  There was in fact a Washington College regatta going on the day I finished the trip in Chestertown.  When I came around the bend the boats in the regatta were practicing and, because of a wind shift, waiting for the course to be reset.  I did sail through the middle of the fleet, having some nice conversations with the college students along the way.  But no, for the record, I did not sail through the middle of a race.


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Clark said...

Those arre some lucky students, getting to meet SPARTINA. Amazing adventure.