Monday, August 13, 2018

forecast? / dinner

The forecast for our area at kind of said "no" to sailing this past weekend.  Yes, a large mass of moist air hanging over the mid-Atlantic.  Thunderstorms, maybe.  There was a storm Friday afternoon, and a couple big ones midday Saturday. 

But yesterday's storm filled skies looked like the above.  Blue skies and puffy white clouds.  It was a beautiful sail.  Not a lot of wind, just enough to keep us moving at a good pace.  Good to be back on the water.

And good to see the Schooner Virginia coming back to the dock after a couple weeks at Cape Charles on the Eastern Shore.


So after a great sail how about a great dinner.  Octopus tentacles poached in olive oil with smoked paprika and garlic, grilled avocado stuffed with seasoned chopped veggies, oven roast corn and cherry tomatoes and sweet potato rounds.  The octopus and avocado were my attempts at a Los Angeles Spartina-like dinner.  They were close, but not that close.  No complaints were heard at the table.

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