Wednesday, October 12, 2011

day seven

Dawn comes with clear skies and a crisp SW wind.  The nicest morning of the trip, also the last morning of the trip.  Today's forecast is for clear skies (finally) and a nice breeze.  Tomorrow calls for high winds and rain.  It is a good day to get back to the ramp.  

I sail off anchor at 7:30, leaving the cove under mizzen and jib.  Out on the Little Annemessex River I raise the full main.  Crisfield is just a couple of miles to the NE.  The breeze carries me past Long Point where I turn towards the condos on the horizon, the wind just right for sailing wing and wing.

A few deadrises are motoring about the river, some headed towards Smith Islands and others on their way to crab pots in the shallows on either side of the Annemessex.  A workboat crosses my bow just outside the narrow entrance to Somers Cove.  I notice a man in a skiff pushing a small barge towards Somers Cove as I head wing and wing between the condo to port and the crab house to starboard.  Had I seen him earlier I would have rounded up and let him go through first.  As it is he idles behind Spartina while we catch winds swirling between the buildings.  Once through the entrance I turn off to starboard to let him motor past me.  Then I head for the dock.  We tie up just after 8 a.m.


For the trip....

distance sailed                141 nautical miles, 162 statute miles

moving time                    46 hours

moving average               3.1 knots

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Shawn Stanley said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the detailed log with some great pics.
Looks like fixed keel sailboats would never make it into Smith Island..the depth at the jetties looks to be only a few feet.

Hopefully this fall weather will give us all a chance to enjoy some sailing.