Thursday, November 6, 2014

from Baydog

Dave, known to his blog readers as Baydog, has put together a very nice post about the visit he and his brother Huck, at left, made to the Downrigging Weekend.  Dave and I have been in touch for years, talking about sailboats and food (mostly food).  It was great to meet him and his brother, even nicer to have them out for a sail on Spartina.

I'm still catching up from the long weekend.  Hope to have a few more photographs to post tomorrow.

The wind is howling outside the window right now, but fair winds are forecast for Sunday and Monday.


Baydog said...

Steve, the highlight of the day belonged to our sail with Spartina. I felt like a kid again at the helm. I'm gonna continue to soak this day in.

my2fish said...

I'm jealous! Spartina is such a gorgeous boat.