Friday, November 7, 2014

simple, safe, comfortable...and you ought to hear the sound of the rain at night

There's a very nice story in the NY Times about the recent trend of buying, restoring and using vintage trailers.  According the the interviews there are a lot of reasons for this.  The old trailers are inexpensive, small (some only 10 feet in length) and versatile (they are used as travel trailers, second homes, guest bedrooms and personal hide-aways).  They offer a simple, affordable lifestyle that is reminiscent of an earlier era.

Reading that story I could not help but think about Spartina.  There is something special about being able to define a life and fit it inside a simple wooden boat that is less than 18 feet long.  And that wooden boat, just like the vintage trailers, can be used to carry that way of living from place to place.  For trailers, it's on the road.  For Spartina, it's on the bays, rivers and sounds.  

Some of the quotes about trailers sounded as if they were written about small boats.....

"It's comfortable. It's a real safe-feeling space."  

"No tv, no internet.  It's something different."

"Everything you would need if you are living in it is there."

"Get back to a simpler time."

"It's a great sound, the rain on the roof."

Yes, wrapped snug in the sleeping bag, you ought to hear the sound of rain falling on Spartina's boom tent.


Rik said...

I read the same story in the nyt and went to checkout that site it came from. I also had to think of our pathfinders as landbased units with same attributes. I prefer a boat on the water too.

Baydog said...

Steve, you're one of a kind. I'm so fortunate to have caught up with you

Steve said...


both my wife and my daughters have said at times they are pleased to know there is only one of me. I don't think it was a compliment.


Rik said...

Pathfinders are seabased of course, not landbased.