Monday, November 10, 2014

blue skies and concrete blocks

Note the pretty blue skies of fall, calm water on a morning with light winds promising to build as the day went on.  Note the two large concrete blocks placed across the boat ramp.  They were not there a couple of weeks ago.  My only hope is that the city placed them there as they prepare to rebuild what has to be the worst - though very conveniently located - ramp I have ever used.  Maybe they waited until the cold weather brings an end to boating season before they begin the work.  Or maybe they are closing the ramp permanently.  I don't know.

So I drove to another ramp, this one about a mile or two up the southern branch of the Elizabeth River.  These ramps, there are a couple of them side by side, just a few years old, are very nice with grooves cut in the concrete to give vehicles traction and nice piers to tie up to once the boat is launched.  That place was closed too.  They are rebuilding the entire park that surrounds the ramp.  Blocked by concrete at one place and a chain link fence at another, there was no sailing on a beautiful fall day.

There is the chance for good sailing weather the next couple of weeks before it gets too cold.  Should I find that weather window, I will drive down to Elizabeth City, NC, where there is a very nice ramp, and sail on the Pasquotank River.  And I will hope the ramp is open.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you don't encounter that cold front coming down soon from the Arctic.

Beautiful on the Neuse River today; 4 knots on a beam reach and almost 6 knots on a close reach. Still, I envy you hitting 7+ knots.

Tomorrow its going to be 74.

This is November on the coastal waters of the Pamlico Sound.

Hope you can "come South", Steve.