Saturday, November 15, 2014

going, going

I worry that my sailing season is slipping away.  Foggy and rainy earlier in the weeks, a cold front came in last night.  Marginal weather tomorrow, cool with a chance of rain, and then rain on Monday.

Maybe it is time to start the off-season maintenance.  If so, no complaints.  It has been a great year on the water.

But I would like to have one more sail.

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JimB said...

If this weather pattern holds, I am afraid I will be moving Papoose south to the "winter mooring" - 300 yds south to a friends slip with huge pilings and electric for a light bulb to keep anything from freezing.

But I am holding out for a sail or two yet. It can't stay like this until the real January can it? I miss my shorts and flip flops.