Sunday, November 23, 2014


Rik sent me this photograph of his Pathfinder "Vanessa" (I believe) on the water.  Rik didn't say so, but I'm thinking this might be the first time on the water for the very well built boat. Congratulations!  Rik said they sailed under mizzen and jib, squalls in the area causing a reluctance to raise the main - a good move I think, for the first time on the water.  

Many years ago, a few decades in fact, I spent some time in the Netherland Antilles, visiting Bonaire, Curacoa and Aruba.  Beautiful islands, with lots of wind.  I'm sure Rik will have some great sailing on Vanessa.  

Rik, enjoy the boat.  Let me know how she sails with the main up.


My order of a quart of steel grey paint and five deck plates arrived from Jamestown Distributors just two days after placing the order.  I opened the box just to confirm I ordered the proper size and color, then taped the box closed and tucked it away until probably early March.


I've put in for the last two weeks of September for vacation.  I should be able to sail in to St. Michaels in time for the Mid-Atlantic Small Craft Festival in early October.  Plans for the spring sail will have to wait.

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