Thursday, December 15, 2022

day twenty-four - gusty return to the Chester River

Cast off from the marina in Rock hall at 8:40 with more wind than had been forecast.  And colder too, wearing thermals, wool sweater and the dry suit.  Wind out of the south and waves funnel into the jetties at the harbor entrance, have to throttle up the outboard to power through the steep waves.  Clear skies.

Raise the double-reefed main outside the harbor at 9:00 in rough water.  Making 3.3 in the steep chop, then 4.2 once the sails are properly set.   Shake out the second reef at 9:40, tack out away from shore.  At 9:50 tack back south to parallel Eastern Neck.  Chilly, slip on waterproof gloves.  Making 3.1 in a little less wind but water still rough.  Series of tacks heading south, last one at Chester River red marker at 11:40.  At noon approaching Hail Point, sun glaring off the choppy water and making 4.0. Lots of spray and water collecting up forward on the bunk flat.  

Making 4.4 off Hail Point.  Turn downwind at 12:45 but too much sail up and in a gust take a little water over the side.  Round up and bring down the reefed main.  Sailing under mizzen and jib, 4.1 off of Piney Point.  Wind over the port quarter.  At 2:15 rolling the waves coming up the Chester River, 4.0 and then 5.0 as the afternoon gusts build.  

Passing Cacaway Island 2:45, making 5.4 over the calm water on Langford Creek.  Round Island Point, and protected from the gusts by the wind shadow of the trees.  Exposed once more farther up the creek, a few more gusts as I follow the curves of the west fork.  

The creek splits at Millstone Point, we turn to starboard and head a few hundred more yards up Broad Neck, tucking into a little cove on the west side of the creek.  Anchor down 3:40.

26.59 NM

Pepper Beef with rice


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