Tuesday, December 20, 2022

day twenty-six - the last leg

I wake to a series of distant gun shots.  Hunting season.  Some times single fire, sometimes multiple shots.  Constant gunfire beginning at dawn.  

Perfectly still in the creek, warmer than yesterday morning.  Maple Sea Salt RXbar and Tanka bar for breakfast along with a cup of mixed fruit.

Forecast says no wind today.  It seems to be painfully correct.  Light mist on Langford Creek, clear skies.  Under power.  Cacaway Island at 8:10, sun burning off the mist.  Quaker Next to port at 8:25, can see ruffled water off Nichols Point.  Sails up 8:45 on the Chester River in a faint breeze, 1.5 kts against the outgoing tide.   At 9:00 making .6 against the tide.  Main and jib down, under power.  Deep Point at 10:00, Northwest Point 11:00.  Approaching Rolph's Wharf at 11:45 and hoping against hope that the SandBar might be open for lunch.  Getting closer I can see that the deadrise, which sits up on the beach and serves as the bar, is closed for the season.  A hint of wind at green marker "37A", sails up.  Soon breeze is gone.  Under power.  

Reach Chestertown at 2:00.  Marina manager recognizes the boat from last year, tells me I can go ahead and tie up in the same slip.  15.38 nautical miles for the day, 308.79 nm for the trip.

I treat myself to a celebratory beer at BAD Alfreds, a brew pub and distillery that I will visit later in the week for dinner.   And I see some old friends.  It is good to be back in Chestertown.


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