Tuesday, December 6, 2022

day twenty - lazy day

I wake in darkness to someone nearby saying the word "boat."  After a pause the voice says "That's a beautiful boat.  We ought to come back in the morning to see it."  And I thought it was morning, or at least close to it.  I guess not.  I roll over and go back to sleep.  

Cast off from Centreville Wharf at 7:55 after a calm night.  No wind so motoring at idle speed down the Corsica River.

Sycamore Point at 8:10 and a hint of a breeze.  Peanut butter RXbar and a tanka buffalo bar for breakfast.  Ship Point just past the yacht club at 8:50, light wind and making 1.3 under full sail.  A light overcast and cool, a noisy gaggle of geese is unseen somewhere in the marsh.  Making just under a knot with the helping tide.  A little more wind at 9:15.  Slip on foul weather gear against the cold.

The sun breaks through the clouds at 9:35, feels good.  Making 2.0 and the geese take flight off Spaniard Point.  Passing Russia House at 9:40, making 2.8.  The wind fills in and doing 3.7 on the Chester River.

Crossing the Chester just before 10:00 making 4.2.  Better wind and 4.9 across the smooth water at the mouth of Langford Creek.  Passing Cacaway Island at 11:00 with a cool breeze, the overcast has returned. 11:10 turn up the West Fork of Langford Creek.  

12:15 the sun is out, blue skies but the wind is gone.  Turn back down the creek making 0.8 kts.  It is a slow drift past a farm on the eastern shore with a white barn and two silos.  

At 1:25 the gps shows 0.0 kts, a very slow drift down the creek and listening to a Ravens game on the radio.  Sun is out again, getting hot.  Can see ruffled water down below Cacaway Island.  Some wind at 1:55 and making 3.0 towards the island.  

Back on the Chester River at 3:00, put out a trolling line but wind is light and we are moving to slowly to attract any fish.  Making under a knot at 3:15.  Clouds are back and it is getting cool again.  3:35 making 1.7, then 2.6 as we cross the Chester to Reed Creek.  

Wind disappears and we motor the last stretch into the creek.  A couple watches from a dock on a farm as I drop anchor at 4:40 in the protection of some tall trees.  Wind arriving overnight.  

Pasta and chicken with Alfredo sauce

16 NM for the day


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