Thursday, December 1, 2022

day eighteen - a short sail up the Chester River

A late night squall bringst rain and swirling winds to Ditchers Cove.  Then suddenly calm.  I wake to the sound of a distant deadrise.  Eagles in the trees make their high-pitched whistles.  Sail off anchor 7:35, glassy calm water and a slow drift out of the cove on to Chestertown Creek as I listen to the birds in the trees.  Trees along shore show their bright fall colors.

Make the sand spit at the mouth of the creek 8:05, sailing in light winds.  The sun peeks through the overcast as flocks of geese noisily take flight.  8:30 out of the entrance channel and on the Chester River.

8:50 making not even a knot, but that is ok on this pretty morning.  9:00 a little wind and the sun still fights to break though the clouds.  

Light and shifting winds at 10:00 and we motor in to Bogle Wharf.  A little house keeping to do and I get rid of some trash.  Back out on the river and sails up at 11:00, no wind and just drifting in a circle.  

Noon motoring at idle speed, a light breeze ruffling the surface of the water to the east.  Wind at 12:30 and very pleased to make 1.7 kts. Jibe to the Corsica River entrance at 2:00 with the wind, really a light breeze, on the beam.  

On the Corsica River and passing the Russia House at 3:25.  The Russia house, big and red and tucked back in the trees looks like it is a movie set for a spy novel but was in fact a Russian consulate until the Russians were kicked out in some diplomatic row years ago.  

Afternoon wind and making 2.5 off of Ship Point at 4:00.  I see a woman at the pier at the Corsica River Yacht Club.  I call out to her and ask if I can tie up at one of the unused mooring for the night.  She says that one one will mind.  Tied up at the mooring 4:20.

 13.01 NM

Spaghetti for dinner

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