Wednesday, December 7, 2022

day twenty-one - north to Rock Hall

A calm night.  I could hear the wind whistling through the trees.  A little rain.  Heavy overcast at dawn.
I put the drysuit on, tuck in two reefs in the main and then at the last second add a wool sweater under the dry suit.  Sail off anchor 7:55.

Making 4.0 heading out of Reed Creek, wind over the port quarter.  Two eagles perch in a bare tree at Wright Neck which separates Reed and Grove Creeks.  Slipping out of the creek 8:10.

There's a deadrise working just off the creek on the Chester River.  It is cold and think about putting my waterproof gloves, decide not to.

Making 4.3 across the Chester River.  Tack at 8:55, making 4.5 double reefed and close-hauled.  Perfect!  9:50 tack off of Eastern Neck, sun trying to break through the overcast.  

10:25 tack off Queenstown Creek.  Sail just behind a large Beneteau heading home to Annapolis, several people waving from the cockpit.  Just great sailing.

Round Hail Point at 10:50, wind on the port quarter and we pound across the waves.  Pass Wickes Beach 11:30.  A little less wind, fall off toward Rock Hall.  Find a little more room around the boat northeast of Eastern Neck Island, round up to shake out both reefs.  Making 3.8 under full sail.  Skies clearing at 12:10, getting warmer and strip off the dry suit.  

Can see the entrance channel to Rock Hall at 1:00, 3.0 heading downwind.  Pass Huntingfield Creek 1:00 and sail through the jetties under mizzen and jib.  Follow the channel around the shallows with skiffs tied to the pilings.  Docked 2:00.

I've got some friends to see so take advantage of the pay for two nights and get a third night free deal at the Mariners Motel. Early evening walk the few blocks downtown towards the Bay Wolf Restaurant.  A cold front rolls in with heavy rain and thunder and I'm trapped on a porch for 20 minutes waiting out the rain.  Dinner is excellent so it is worth it.  Much colder walking back to the motel.

21.05 NM

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Shawn Stanley said...

Wow...I know videos never really display how it really feels on the water, but it looks like you were really moving along and having a great day of sailing in today's video!
Lookin' good, Steve!

-Signed, Envious in Solomons! :)