Monday, January 9, 2017

everything you need to know about ramps in NC

Barry tells me about this great interactive site for boat ramps in North Carolina.  You can find it here. In the good old days, when money seemed to flow freely, NC printed up and gave away, mailed out, distributed anyway they could a great paper map with ramp information.  Those days are long gone, but you can find the equivalent here.  Thanks, Barry!


Clark said...

Thank you Steve and Barry. Any choice spots for Sunfish and Sailfish excursions (ramp, small beach, protected water...)?


Steve said...

I'm a fan of Shallowbag Bay and the Manteo waterfront. Not sure if there are any beaches there but it would be an easy launch at the ramp and I'm pretty sure you could go under the bridge direct to Shallowbag Bay. Protected water most of the time, plus a couple nice restaurants and a park on the waterfront, plus their boat building shed which is always fun to visit. steve