Sunday, January 8, 2017

four wheel drive

A shopping expedition to the grocery, four wheel drive on icy roads.  Tossed into the basket two four-packs of diced mangoes, first of the supplies for the coming May trip on Pamlico Sound.  I buy most my supplies bit by bit, an extra item or two each week and I don't notice it in the budget.  

I do have plenty of freeze dried meals for the spring trip, will have to do a resupply for the fall trip.  Anyway, just nice to think about sailing on a cold day.  

Photo below is a favorite from last spring's trip, before the storms arrived.


Clark said...

Ahoy Steve

If we wanted to do a daysail in the upper Outer Banks with our Drascombe Lugger, where is a good place to launch? We'd be coming out of Norfolk, we have never been out there but the folks we're going to see like the Kitty Hawk and Nags Head area.


Steve said...


just did a post with some possible ramps, hope it helps out.