Friday, January 13, 2017

the new knife

Trying out the new, very serious, oyster knife, an xmas gift from the oldest daughter.  Worked great on a Ware River oyster, the Ware being one of the four main rivers leading into Mobjack Bay on Virginia's middle peninsula.  The oyster was not as salty as seaside, of course, but plump and rich tasting.  And the knife worked very well.  May test it out some more this weekend.

Almost spring-like this morning but colder air moving in by afternoon.  Chilly next week but then warming, maybe for a late January sail.


JimB said...

My wife gave me one of these for Christmas, can’t wait to use it!

Steve said...

Just make sure you protect the hand that holds the oyster, that is one sharp knife. Works very well.