Monday, January 23, 2017

intercepted (not the football kind of way)

Several weeks ago, after writing about the freeze dried meals I enjoy, I received an email from Graeme offering to send me a couple of Back Country Cuisine freeze dried meals.  I have long wanted to try these meals particularly because of handful of them are made with lamb: lamb fettuccine, roast lamb and vegetables, Moroccan lamb and sweet and sour lamb.  They all sound so good, but from my emails with the company they do not ship to the US.  So Graeme, who said the meals were available at his local grocery in the Marlborough region of New Zealand, mailed two meals to me (which I will pay forward by donating to a local soup kitchen).

I waited and waited and, well, waited very patiently.  Who knows how mail goes across the ocean?  Finally Graeme emailed asking if I had received the package.  Not yet but no rush, I said, I won't even need the meals until May.  But now, after a little research, I believe the meals have been intercepted by the fine folks at the US Customs and Border Patrol.  From their website.......

"If you are a private individual who wishes to send beverage and food items to the U.S., you should be aware that some items are highly restricted, particularly food items with meat products, including soup mixes, bouillon, sausages, tinned meats, etc., and fresh produce."

Oh well, it looks like it was not meant to be.  I appreciate Graeme's kindness, which I will certainly pay forward regardless.  And I just have to hope that someday Back Country Cuisine meals will be available in the US.

Storms blew through last night and this morning, clouds clearing now as temperatures rise.  Perfect for doing a little patching on Spartina's hull.

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