Tuesday, January 3, 2017

so when is it not a good day???

I had just crossed the bridge on a grey, foggy, rainy day when the boss both texted and voice-mailed "Is this a good day to go to the Outer Banks?"  This brings to mind the question of "When is it not a good day to go to the Outer Banks?"  

Tundra swans, white pelicans all the way up from the gulf coast, a terrapin holding off on burrowing down for the winter, a fishing trawler head south just off the beach of Hatteras Islands.  Pretty good day to be down there if you ask me.


Canoe Sailor said...

I think it depends on your perspective. I'm not certain if it is a good day to go to the outer banks if I am already paddling in the Keys or in Core Sound.

So perhaps it's a matter of current location rather than timing?

Steve said...

All three are better than a day at the office. steve

MaryLou said...

Pictures are wonderful Steve I keep coming back to the 4 swans against the flat gray sky. Love the lines. Just beautiful.

Steve said...

I kinda like that one too! steve