Monday, January 30, 2017

who says our borders are secure?

So I guess all the border patrol and customs agents were too busy trying to figure out the latest news from the white house and, being distracted and confused, allowed two packages containing meat, yes, meat, lamb and venison to be specific, slip across the border into the USA.  So, so sad, these horrible people not doing their jobs.  Do we need another executive order here, maybe one dealing specifically with smuggled freeze dried foods sent from a friend?  Or should it be a broader ban?  That's it, ban all meats, freeze dried and otherwise, from crossing the border.  Or better yet, an order banning all gifts of any kind from passing through the mail to our country.  Ban them all, then figure it out later.   It's so, so simple. 

I was nothing short of shocked when I opened the mail box to find the big white Par Avion Air New Zealand Post package.  Inside were the two meals above, Roast Lamb and Vegetables and Hearty Venison Casserole, a gift from Graeme who lives in the Marlborough area of New Zealand.  Thank you very much, Graeme.  For the gift Graeme is allowing me to pay it forward, some cash to the soup line where the Pilgrim works one morning each week.  

I will wait to enjoy these meals, taking one on the spring sail and one on the fall trip.  This will be great.  Thank you, Graeme.

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