Saturday, January 14, 2017

small world, wonder if they know the right way to pronounce the name

I get a text this afternoon from sailing friend Lynn, who is in L.A. at the moment.  The text shows a photo of a restaurant sign, the restaurant being named "Spartina."  So I look it up on the internet and a review describes it polished, modern restaurant with a penchant for local, seasonal ingredients for meals with Italian roots and California sensibilities.  Sounds pretty good to me.    

So I text my west coast daughter, who I will be seeing in just a few weeks, to see if she had ever heard of the restaurant.  She replies that she had driven by it not 10 minutes earlier and had already decided to take me there for dinner.  How nice.

Trenette, octopus with bone marrow, tomato, red wine, parmigano reggiano anyone????

I'll have to ask the waiter how they pronounce the name of the place.

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