Saturday, January 28, 2017

surprised, strawberries

The Pilgrim was a little surprised when she opened the meat drawer in the fridge this morning.  Boiled in water, tentacles sliced and thrown in a bowl with truffle infused olive oil and lemon juice, it will be served with pasta tomorrow evening.* 


Weather is nearly sailable for me these days, but not quite.  Up to 51 degrees tomorrow but with forecast to be 13 with a cold front behind it.  I will be sanding and priming the repaired keel tomorrow.  Thinking of the spring cruise I did stop at Target to pick up two packs of dried strawberries, a favorite treat to add in with other dried fruits.  

*For my all time favorite story about an octopus, a part of nature vs. being served on a plate, look here.  I like them in the ocean, but, um, yeah, on a plate too.

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