Wednesday, November 30, 2022

day seventeen - graced and grateful

A front is moving through, wind and rain.  I've got to meet someone soon on the Corsica River, not far away at all.  Ditcher's Cove is perfect to wait out the weather.  Calm night and a peaceful morning.  I'll stay under the tent all day, set up the solar panel to keep my phone charged.

Scrambled eggs, buffalo bar, cookies and hot chocolate for breakfast.  Life is good these days.

As I read FAREWELL MR. PUFFIN I notice there in an inscription inside the cover.  It gives me pause when I am told I "grace" their waters.  I think about how I built the boat to get away from people and instead met the best and truest friends of my life.  Not social by nature, I still struggle with that.  Yet I know that I am the one who is graced, and I am grateful for that.

I'm halfway through the trip and I have run out of "packaged" meal.  I break out the vacuum sealed breakfast bars, tuna, beef sticks and gallon bags to make up six meal kits for the next several days.

The front rolls through midday.  Not as much wind as forecast and heavy rains for just a short while.  I am content under the boom tent, reading the news and my book, checking in with the wife and daughters, and just relaxing.  

A can of tuna, some chocolate from Iceland and hot tea for lunch.  I read, take a nap and relax.  

Beef stroganoff for dinner.


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