Wednesday, November 16, 2022

day eleven - north

Sail off anchor at 7:00.  Cool calm night with eagles crying in the trees at dawn.  A few mosquitoes early in the evening but they soon left.    Allow drift out of Hail Creek, 1.3. Coconut chocolate RxBar with a Tanka buffalo bar for breakfast.

Out on the Chester River 7:20, motor sailing at 7:50.  Off Wickes Beach 8:20, pretty day but light wind.

Some wind at 8:40, soon motor sailing again.  Sailing at 9:20, 2.0.  Off Swan Point at 11:00.  Light wind but sailing.

Noon, south wind and sailing against the tide at 1.3.  A tug and a barge in the shipping channel and I can hear her diesels grinding away.  Another barge near Tolchester Beach where the shipping channel runs up almost to the beach and I stay east of the channel, plenty of water for a small boat.  An eagle grabs a silvery fish out of the water and flies towards shore.  

Making 2.1 with a south wind on a lazy day.  The open bay to port, red cliffs of eastern shore to starboard. Geese fly overhead, they tell me the seasons are changing.

Entering Worton Creek at 3:50 and the best wind of the day fills in.  I can't waste it so tack back and forth on the creek on a pleasant afternoon.  Several cruisers headed south have anchored in the creek and I chat with them along the way.  

Anchor down Worton Creek 4:35.  The forecast for tomorrow confirms the seasons are changing.  North with and cooler temperatures.  I'll take it.

23.89 NM for the day.  Chicken and rice with veggies for dinner.

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