Thursday, November 24, 2022

day fifteen - wind, finally

Raise anchor 7:20 after a calm and peaceful night.  Not even a hint of wind.  Under power through the swirling waters of the Fairly Creek entrance.  Think about crossing hte shipping channel but unsure of the Baltimore Channel so track south along the channel that I know.

Banana Chocolate Walnut RXbar, beef strip and a cup of mixed fruit for breakfast.  Two eagles take flight from red marker "20".  Look for wind but none in sight.

Raise sail at 9:00 in light air, making 1.2.  Then no wind at all.  Cross the shipping channel to the green side at Tolchester Beach under power.  10:15 west of Swan Point and headed southwest.  No shipping in the channels.  

See a tug and tow coming up the channel at 10:30.  SPARTINA is near the split in the channel.  I stay just outside the green markers, waiting to see which way the tug goes.  Clear by 10:45 the tug is headed northwest towards the C and D Canal.  

We cross the channel intersection.  Baltimore Light in sight at 11:50, raise the sails and make 15.  Just after noon the wind finally fills in.  Easy sailing with wind out of the southeast.  

Enter the Magothy River at 1:25 and sail up the river just to enjoy the breeze.  Sunny and getting hot. 

A red-hulled boat named GRATEFUL RED makes me smile.  I sail upriver to where there is no wind, then jibe back downriver at 2:50, tuck in behind Dobbins Island.  

Anchor down just off the beach at 3:10.  Set up the boom tent to get out of the sun.

23.39 NM

Stroganoff with noodles and beef for dinner.


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Shawn Stanley said...

We used to run around and play hide & seek and all kinds of shenanigans on Dobbins Island when I was a kid, before there were any structures on it...Looks like there is a house now!