Monday, November 7, 2022

day one - sails up before the sun

Cambridge Creek.  Calm, peaceful night.  Launched yesterday afternoon and made the short motor from the ramp to the creek.  Wake to a diesel cranking up on a deadrise before 4 a.m., crabbers like to start their day early.  By 5 a.m. steady sounds of deadrises heading down the creek, plus the clanking of the bell at the bascule bridge.  No need for an alarm clock.  Stowing the gear I can see a flag across the creek showing a steady west wind.  I wait until the sky gets lighter before raising anchor.

6:30 under power.  Out of the creek and full sail set at 6:45.  Mixed berry RXbar and a meat bar for breakfast.  Making 4.3 at 7:20 past Hambrooks Bar Day Beacon, on a port tack in choppy water.  Three deadrises working along shore to the north.  Tack off LaTrappe Creek 8:35, tack again off Castle Haven at 8:50.  The wide Choptank to the west narrows between Castle Haven at Island Neck, waves pushed by the west wind pile up as the river narrows and we pound through steep water.  

9:30 tack off Indian Creek, 4.2 but sometimes slower in the chop.  10:00 tack back towards the north shore under blue skies.  Calmer closer to shore, steady wind but less chop.  11:00 tack at red marker "12", 2.4 in less wind.  11:45 wind swinging to southwest and becoming lighter.   Noon, motor sailing.  1:00 sails down and in the channel to Knapps Narrows.  1:10 through the bridge working against both wind and tide.  

1:30 full sail, southwest wind over port quarter, easy sailing and making 3.7.  SPARTINA rolling with the swell, centerboard partially raised for the downwind run.  Two eagles fly along the tree line to the east.  

2:00 wind on the beam headed north along Bay Hundred, making a steady 5.9.  3:00 making 6.2 off Wades Point and entering Eastern Bay on a spectacular day.  3:40 round Tilghman Point, jibe, 4.8 with wind forward of beam on the Miles River.

4:10 jibe again behind the shoal leading to the Wye River.  Quiet run up the river, 5:20 anchor down Dividing Creek.  Along shore I see Bobby's LAGNIAPPE.  Fixing dinner I hear a whistle, it is Bobby and his friend Don on shore.  Bobby uses an oar to come out and say hello.  We chat for a while and then Bobby heads down the creek to anchor for the night.  Don is camping on shore.  I set up my boom tent.

42.16 NM

Lasagna for dinner.

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