Monday, November 28, 2022

day sixteen - cookies and tea

Sail off anchor 7:15 just as the sun breaches the horizon.  A calm and peaceful night in the lee of Dobbins Island.  Glassy calm and no wind in the morning.  It is a slow drift out of the wind shadow.  Peanut butter RxBar and beef strip for breakfast.  A crabber works a trotline to the east, a large cruising sailboat winches in her anchor nearby.  7:50 light wind out of the southwest.

Slipping through the entrance channel onto Chesapeake Bay more wind.  Making 3.2 as we leave Magothy River.  9:10 making 4.5 passing near the Baltimore Light.  No traffic in sight in the shipping lanes.  

A line of cormorants flying low to the water crosses our bow.  It is an easy, relaxed crossing of the Bay.  A handful of cruising sailboats are working their way south.

Round Love Point, the northern end of Kent Island at 10:10.  Calmer water but still plenty of wind on the Chester River.  Making 4.6 and feels like the wind is building.  Round Hail Point 11:45.  

Wind on the beam to Queenstown Creek, a favorite anchorage.  With calm water we make 5.0 in the channel to Queenstown.  Round up, bring down the main and jib, motor to the dock at Queenstown. 

 Tied up at 12:45.  It's a couple of blocks to a favorite pizzeria, then stop at a bank to get some cash.

Cast off 1:30 and motor up Queenstown Creek to a farm where I'm greeted by friends at the dock.  

It is a beautiful afternoon.  We sit on the porch of the farmhouse enjoying cookies and tea.  I am gifted with chocolates and the perfect sailing book, FAREWELL MR. PUFFIN, A Small Boat Voyage to Iceland.  How kind.  We take a walk on the farm over to the Chester River and from a perch on a small cliff I get a different perspective of a river that I have sailed for many years.

 Cast off 3:45, I motor farther up the creek and drop anchor in Ditchers Cove.  Stormy weather predicted for tomorrow, this will be a good anchorage.  

18.62 NM for the day

light snacks for dinner

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