Tuesday, November 8, 2022

day two - a scream in the night

Up a little after 6 a.m., a perfectly calm night on Dividing Creek save for a brief panicked scream from a boat unseen in the darkness.  Under power down the creek passing by Bobby's LAGNIAPPE with her brand new boom tent.  6:45 at the mouth of the creek and full sail, an osprey chirps from a nest in the trees on the point, a crabber works a trotline on the Wye River. 

Sun over the trees at 7:05 and we sail out of the wind shadow along shore.  Peanut butter RXbar and a Tanka buffalo bar for breakfast.  Making 4.4.

The wind gets stronger as we head down the Wye.  Tuck in a reef, 4.6.  At 7:40, looking out at the Miles River beyond Bennett Point I can see waves from the northwest wind.  Tuck in the second reef.  7:50 on the Miles River.

We find rough water and plenty of wind, making 6.0 and the gps hits 7.4 riding down the face of a wave.  

Round Deepwater Point at 8:25 and find calmer water.  Sails down 8:45, docked St. Michaels at 8:50.

Having lunch at The Blue Crab I run into Bobby and his friend Don.  Bobby explains the shout in the darkness last night.  A large sailboat was heading up the creek and somehow didn't see LAGNIAPPE'S clearly visible anchor light.  At the last second a woman on board sees the small boat and screams to the man at the wheel.  Bobby pokes his head out of his boom tent to see the larger boat just a few feet away.  The boat turns and heads off to its anchorage.  


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