Monday, November 14, 2022

days seven and eight - back to St. Michaels

Day Seven

A gusty, rainy night.  Steady downpours that seems to go on and on.  The mass of moisture from Ian has turned into a nor'easter just off the coast.  I sleep late, make some hot tea to go with breakfast.  Dry and comfortable, but this is getting a little old.

At 10:15 the sun breaks through the clouds, a lull in weather.  Quickly I stow the gear in SPARTINA, bring down the boom tent.  Mizzen and jib we sail off anchor at 10:30.  My neighbor, a man on a boat out of Baltimore, comes out and tells me they had been wondering how I was doing in the storm, they have been worried about me.  I tell him I'm fine, heading to St. Michaels.  He says they have farther to go, Baltimore, and can't make it in this weather.

Making 2.2 heading downwind on Leeds Creek, 4.2 when a gust comes through.  10:50 on the Miles River, 4.7 and easy sailing with wind aft of beam.  Can look up the river and see gusts coming our way.  In one puff gps shows 6.9.  

Docked at the museum 11:30.   2.578 NM.  I set up the boom tent then head in to town for lunch.  Cool, grey and windy with spitting rain.

Back at the docks I bring some gear up to Steamboat building to dry out.  I check in with Kristen to make sure that is ok.  She says it is fine, then invites me to go sailing with her in a couple of days.  

Windy and raining in the evening, I stealth camp on the porch of a museum building.  

Day Eight

I wake to horizontal rain.  Get cleaned up and head back to the Steamboat building where I catch up on the sailing log, check in with the family.

Lighter rain midday.  I relax, read, pack away my gear.  For the night I treat myself to a hotel room and a nice dinner in town.


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