Tuesday, July 29, 2014

thirty five years ago

August, 1979

"For most of the morning we glided from point to point along Vavau's scalloped western coast before a light northerly.  At 11:00 we were able to turn the corner and see for the first time into the midst of the group, at which point began a game that was to continue for my entire stay in Tonga: What island is that?  More than once I thought I had everything sorted out, only to be confused when more islands came into view a quarter mile farther on."

"The sailing was delightful.  No, more than delightful.  Marvelous.  Chidiock has proven herself at sea, but here, as I played the wind shifts off each cliff and point, gentle wavelets lapped at the hull, and "the ordeal" of an open boat circumnavigation became a pure joy."

Webb's path aboard GANNET, from Samoa to Tonga, will be through the same waters and islands that he sailed in 1979 on Chidiock Tichborne, his 18' yawl.  

I hope the sailing will be just as marvelous.

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