Saturday, October 28, 2017

snowbirds, racing, my kind of racing

The guy on the 40-some-foot ocean cruiser, the one with the beam about at wide as my waterline is long, leaned out of the plastic and canvas enclosure to say "that's an cute little yawl."  It was such a nice day that I let it slide.  No point in arguing today with blue skies and a steady south wind.

The snowbirds are in town, some waiting for the Caribbean 1500, which leaves next week, and some heading south on their own.  I think I saw about a dozen boats in Craford Bay today, the most I have seen in a while.  

Those boats will be around a couple days.  A weather system will roll through tomorrow with potentially heavy rains and 25 mph winds.  I saw some of the boats repositioning themselves this afternoon to be a little bit more secure.

My Sailnauticus friends were out today for a Halloween race.  It struck me as a longer race than usual, one spread out over the river as compared with a more compact course for evening races.  They were having fun and through binoculars I could even see a few costumes on board.  Nice!  I heard rumors of beer and roast oysters on shore and that I might even be welcome there, but the fine breeze kept me on the water. 

As for me, I did my kind of racing.  Racing to relax and have as much fun as possible.  Pretty easy on a day like this.


JimB said...

Looks a lot sunnier there than down here, but the temp is perfect. We were going to sail to Manteo for the weekend but the weather forecast for tomorrow kept us at home.

I have really enjoyed sailing "with" you on the blog. Thanks!

Finally had time and weather to correct my spring varnishing catastrophe the last couple of weeks. I improved from 60' to 20'.

Steve said...

Jim, we had a surprisingly nice day. I had expected light winds and overcast in the morning but it turned out to be sunny and warm with a steady wind.

Today the forecast seems to have been a bit more accurate.