Thursday, January 23, 2020

spring, the long sail

I am told I may have more free time this coming year.  That could mean some longer sailing trips.

For spring I had been planning a ten day trip on Tangier Sound.  With the extra time I'm now looking at something like a month-long trip in North Carolina.  I've roughed out a possible trip, above.  Putting in at Potter's Marine I would head north on the Pungo River, take the canal up to the Alligator River, sail west on Albemarle Sound toward Edenton.  Then back east down the sound to Roanoke Island, south on Pamlico Sound, Ocracoke, the Neuse River and New Bern.  Back down the Neuse to Adams Creek Canal, Beaufort, Cape Lookout, Core Sound.  From there north to the Pamlico River up to Little Washington and then back to Potter's Marine.

It's just a thought right now.

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David Swanson said...

That's an ambitious trip.