Wednesday, April 21, 2010

two weeks out

In two weeks I should be on Pamlico Sound. This little cool spell we are having right now reminds we we aren't completely in the summer weather pattern and I ought to bring a long sleeve shirt or two for layers. The bivy and 30 degree sleeping bag will be find for sleeping, but if a front rolls through mornings can be very chilly.
I made prints of my satellite images from google earth and laminated them at Kinko's. I've got gps waypoints marked on them plus all the names for coves, bays and narrows that I could find. When I sail by a spot I want to be able to know that it is Cunning Harbor Bay or Voliva Cove or Bernice Creek. Why? I don't really know. I guess the names make me wonder about the history and tradition of the area, the people who worked the water for a living and what life was like down there in the past.

Those sat photos will live in a two gallon zip loc bag tucked behind the blade of Spartina's oar until they are needed. Below is the bag with my chartbook, sat photos and top spot chart. I don't think I'll get lost.

Thinking about where the charts are kept on Spartina reminded me I need to redo the packing chart for this solo trip. Below you'll see a scan I did from Spartina's drawing on John Welsford's site. I've got a copy (that I've shown in the past) where I marked out all the areas for stowing the gear. That was for both Bruce and myself on board. I need to redo that chart with just my gear on board. I'll have less gear, less food and some extra space. So things will be arranged a little bit differently.


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