Monday, February 1, 2016

added to the scrapbook

As you can probably tell from the last post, I mounted the GoPro at the top of the mizzen mast for today's sail.  Also shot a couple of video clips with it.  Not exciting and hardly interesting, but it was a wonderful February sail (my first on mid-Atlantic coast) and I would like to remember it so I am adding it to my digital scrapbook, this blog.


steve said...

Rather fine sail setting if you don't mind me saying...that leech flutters perfectly. Wish I could set my sails as well. A little vid that shows what a skilled sailor you are.
Imaginative positioning of the GoPro too

Steve said...


the great thing about a yawl is that there are lots of places - masts, booms, gaffs, bow sprits, etc - to mount a GoPro. Kind of fun. Great sailing to start the year. Hope you are doing well.


steve said...

It would be nice if you can stop sending your storms our way!!
Our weather has been dire....severe storms, flooding, cold spells, gale force break from it since October. Our wettest winter on record.........poor Arwen feels neglected
Really pleased you are getting out, it keeps the rest of us living in hope!
Thanks steve
Lovely images on recent blogs by the way, stunning images