Friday, November 10, 2017

a recent history of me

I've added these photographs, and a few more, to the boat, stormy, and calm posts which can be found at the top of the column on the right of the blog layout.  I had not looked at those collections of photographs for a long time.  I found it interesting, when scrolling through them to add the photos from the fall sail, that I could remember the moments surrounding each of those images, some a decade old, often being able to recall what I was thinking about while taking the photograph.  Seeing the pictures together in the collections, remembering each of those moments, told me something about my life that I was not completely aware of.


Buck on Alert said...

The superb photography always impressed me about you. Your "Off The Beaten Path Guide to The Chesapeake Bay & Coastal Waters of NC" captured my attention. I found it entertaining to go places where some of us, like me, are restrained by deeper draft, and higher masts.

Your daily diary offers the rest of us a different perspective of creeks, bays, rivers, and the natural beauty in your travels.

Steve said...

Thanks, Buck, I appreciate it. Settling in for winter and thinking already about the spring sail. steve