Sunday, October 21, 2018

day one - Knapp's Narrows

Cast off from the ramp at Cambridge at 9:45 with a light but steady ESE breeze.  Full sail wing and wing toward the light at Hambrooks Bar at just over 3 kts.  A nice black-hulled classic ketch with a deck house motors out of the basin in Cambridge, rounding up to raise sail.  I hear a shouted "looking good!" come across the water and I return the compliment.

A light overcast moves in with wind coming over the port quarter, maybe making 3.5 kts at the light.  Two eagles land on green marker "23" as we sail by, taking flight as we come I close.  Lunch of a can of tuna, crackers, cup of fruit and some raisins.  A loud deadrise works a trotline off the entrance to LaTrappe Creek.  Two Chesapeake Bay Buy Boats, the THOMAS J and the NELLIE CROCKETT head up river.

More wind just before noon and we make just over 4 kts.  Off Oxford and the Tred Avon River at 12:40, looking west I can see seven sails spread out over the horizon.

The Choptank River widens and the wind picks up, making 5 kts and 6 in the gusts on the beam.  At 1:45 we feel the waves rolling up from the mouth of the river.  Two sails and a deadrise coming out of Dogwood Harbor.

Early afternoon and I've got three options.  1) Sail up Harris Creek to Dun Cove.  2) Go through Knapps Narrows and turn north toward Tilghman Creek.  3) Tie up at Knapp's Narrows Marina and enjoy a good dinner at Marker Five restaurant.  

Having started the day at 3:30 a.m. I'm tired.  I choose option 3.  I usually navigate by navigational aids but confess that at times I navigate by way of a good meal.  It costs $2/a foot to tie up next to Marker Five   I drink iced tea on the patio and the barmaid won't charge me so I leave a good tip, then return later for a spicy pulled pork sandwich and a glass of wine.  

I sleep under the boom tent and listen to the voices from a party on the patio, then drift off to sleep.


Tom said...

Wow! Amazing first photo. Two bald eagles, jes hangin' out!

Tom said...


Silly question from the detail-obsessed. I see from your track above that right after you made your dog-leg up into the Knapp Narrows channel, you made a 360 turn by the flasher (3E, according to the charts). What was that all about?

Steve said...

Wind was out of the south, just rounding up to drop the sails and start the outboard before heading into the channel. steve

Tom said...

Makes sense. Amazing that you can see the maneuver on your SPOT track!