Wednesday, November 28, 2018


Jim B from the Outer Banks sent this "meme" to me.  I had heard of memes but did not know exactly what they were - I don't do facebook.  But this is a meme and the photo bottom center is from sailing on the Wye River with Kevin in the famous SLIP JIG not far behind.

For the record this is both what I think I should do and what I really do.


JimB said...

You're in the top 17% of sailors.

Baydog said...

Just checking in, Steve! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving and that seafood was involved

Steve said...

Hey Dave,
great to hear from you. Yes, seafood involved. I had to work Thanksgiving Day so smaller than usual meal - seared scallops and angels on horseback. Two nights late roast rockfish filets and roast oysters. Not too bad. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving too.